Server Side

Server side scripts are arguments for behavior nodes, like the Script node.

These scripts define how much damage you deal to another character, or maybe you want to add an item to a character. All this and more can be done easily with server side scripts.

The following script commands work in all nodes.

Rolling dice

// Returns a random number between 1 and 6. Works with every number, d18, d1000 etc.
let random_number = d6;

// Rolls a d6 dice 3 times and adds a 2 as modifier. The leading 'r' is required.
let roll = r3d6+2;


By default the currency in Eldiron is gold and silver, where 10 silver is one gold. I may add more types of coin (platinum, bronze) later but this will not affect the below examples.

// Create money: 8 gold and 2 silver.
let coin = currency(8, 2);

The currency struct is a container only, but you can get a string representation. Use the below sheet functions to add or remove money.

// "8G 2S"
let string = coin.to_string();

Character Sheets

Every character, if its a player character or an NPC, has its own character sheet. The sheet holds all character info, not only the abilities and hit points but also inventory, equipment, skills, spells etc.

// Get a copy of the sheet of the current character
let sheet = get_sheet();

// Set a character ability, for example on character creation
sheet.set_ability("STR", r3d6);

// Get the ability
let STR = sheet.get_ability("STR");

// Get / set the max_hit_points for the character
sheet.max_hit_points = 18;
let mhp = sheet.max_hit_points;

// Get / set the hit_points for the character
sheet.hit_points = 18;

// Get / set the wealth of the character
sheet.wealth = currency(8, 2);

// Get the name, class and race names of the character (Defined via the character settings)
let name =;
let class = sheet.class;
let race = sheet.race;

// Get / set the alignment of the character
let alignment = sheet.alignment;

// After changing the sheet you have to copy it back to the character


The inventory is part of the character sheet. Normally you only need to add / remove items manually during character creation. As trading / buying / dropping items is done automatically via the node system.

let sheet = get_sheet();

// Add an item to the inventory, we get the changed sheet back
sheet = inventory_add(sheet, "Torch");

// Equip an item in the inventory (armor or weapon), we get the changed sheet back
sheet = inventory_equip(sheet, "Sword");

// Get the inventory from the sheet
let inventory = sheet.inventory;

// Iterate over the items of the inventory
for item in inventory {

    // The name of the item
    print("item name: " +;

    // The item amount (for stackable items)
    print("item amount: " + item.amount);

    // The skill tree of the item
    print("Use skill: " + item.use_skill);

    // The current tile of the item
    print("Tile: " + item.tile);

    // The value of the item in currency
    print("Value: " + item.value);

// Iterate by index
for index in 0..inventory.len() {
    let item = inventory.item_at(index);

// Check if we have an item of the given name
if inventory.has_item("Mandrake") {}

// Destroy an item of the given name, useful for example in crafting
if inventory.destroy_item("Mandrake") {}

// Dont forget to set the sheet back

Managing Wealth

let sheet = get_sheet();

// Add one gold to the wealth of the character
sheet = inventory_add_gold(sheet, 1);

// Add two silver to the wealth of the character
sheet = inventory_add_silver(sheet, 2);

// Add one gold and two silver to wealth of the character
sheet = inventory_add_gold_silver(sheet, 2, 1);

// Dont forget to set the sheet back

Increasing Experience

When you successfully killed an enemy, or otherwise completed an objective you may want to increase the characters experience by a certain amount.

let sheet = get_sheet();

// Increase the experience by 10
sheet = increase_experience_by(sheet, 10);

// Dont forget to set the sheet back

Target Sheets

When you have a target, which for players is acquired via the Target node and for NPCs via the Lookout node, you can also request the target characters sheet.

// Get the target sheet
let target_sheet = get_target_sheet();

// Modify ...

// Set the target sheet back

In combat you would calculate the damage you deal, get the saving throws and AC from the target and reduct the computed damage from the targets hit_points.

Upon death of the target (if hit_points are equal to 0) you can execute a behavory tree on the target which takes care of the death scenario, see below.

Executing Behavior

You can execute a behavior tree on the character (or its target) from your scripts:

// Execute a tree by its name.

// Execute a tree on the current target, for example to handle its death

Computing Damage

There are various convenience methods available to help you compute the damage the character deals.

let sheet = get_sheet();

// This function does the following:
// 1. It gets the weapon item in the "main hand" slot
// 2. It looks up the skill tree of the weapon
// 3. It retrieves the damage roll from the skill tree for the characters skill level
// 4. It rolls the damage
let damage = roll_weapon_damage(sheet, "main hand");

// After reducing the damage, based on the targets AC and saving throws, if there
// is damage left, reduct it from the targets hit_points and call
// To visually show the damage (tile effect, audio).

// You should also call "increase_skill_by" on the weapon item skill, see below.

Managing Skills

After successfully using an item (like a weapon), you should increase the skill as defined by the items skill tree.

let sheet = get_sheet();

// Get the skill tree name for the given weapon.
let skill_name = get_item_skill(sheet.weapons.slot("main hand"));

// Increase the skill by 1
sheet = increase_skill_by(sheet, skill_name, 1);

// However, for weapons there is a short cut, you can just use
sheet = increase_weapon_skill_by(sheet, "main hand", 1);

// If you want to roll the general current skill for an item, pass the item name to
let result = roll_item_skill("Shield");

// Set the sheet back

Sending Messages

You can send messages to both the character and its target.

// Send a status message to the character
send_status_message("You are feeling powerful!");

// Send a status message to the target of the character
send_status_message_target("Shabby crushed you!");