Eldiron is currently under active development and a v1 is planned for the first quarter of 2023. Eldiron is open source and licensed under the MIT.

Features of v1

  • Support games similar to Ultima 4 / 5 or any game which uses a rectangular grid layout.
  • Eldiron comes with integrated tile-maps or your can use your own square tiles with up to four levels of transparency.
  • Single-player or multi-player experiences. Eldiron has a sophisticated multi-threaded server architecture to allow for as many player or NPC characters as possible.
  • Cross platform. Eldiron is written in Rust and can nearly run everywhere, i.e. on the Web, macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android etc. Eldiron Creator can run on any desktop.
  • A sophisticated behavior node graph makes creation of AI behavior for NPCs easy. The node system is backed by a full-featured scripting language.
  • Eldiron Creator has editors for tile-maps, regions and node based graphs for character behavior, systems (like crafting), items and the overall game logic.

Retro 3D dungeons and regions will be supported in either v1 or v1.5. I am working on a procedural language just for that.

You can download the current pre-release in Releases.

Join the community on Discord to get in contact.


  • Being able to create games similar to the RPGs of the 80’s and 90’s.
  • Support single-player or multi-player games and even MMOs.
  • Over time support more perspectives like top-down and isometric.

Eldiron Book

I am currently working on the Eldiron Book. Please refer to the book for more detailed information on the creator, the server and clients and the overall project.

Supporting Eldiron

You can support the Eldiron project by becoming a Patreon or a GitHub Sponsor.